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You have deployed a multi-tier application with multiple compute instances in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You want to back up these volumes and have decided to use 'Volume Groups' feature. The Block volume and Compute instances exist in different compartments within your tenancy.

Periodically, a few child compartments are moved under different parent compartments, and you notice that sometimes volume group backup fails.

What could be the cause?

  • A. You have the same block volume attached to multiple compute instances; if these compute instances are in different compartments then all concerned compartments must be moved at the same time.
  • B. The Identity and Access Management policy allowing backup failed to move when the compartment was moved.
  • C. A compute instance with multiple block volumes attached cannot move when a compartment is moved.
  • D. You are exceeding your volume group backup quota configured.

Answer: B


Which of the following is NOT a good use case for the volume backup feature of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volume service?

  • A. Support business continuity requirements of reducing the risk of outages or data mutation over time.
  • B. Retain a copy of data in a volume, so that you can duplicate an environment later or preserve the data for future use.
  • C. Rapidly duplicate an environment in seconds to test configuration changes without impacting your production environment.
  • D. Meet compliance and regulatory requirements for data to remain unchanged over time, so that it can be retrieved for audit purposes.

Answer: C


You are building a highly available and fault tolerant web application deployment for your company. Similar application delayed by competitors experienced web site attack including DDoS which resulted in web server failing.

You have decided to use Oracle Web Application Firewall (WAF) to implement an architecture which will provide protection against such attacks and ensure additional configuration will you need to implement to make sure WAF is protecting my web application 24×7.

Which additional configuration will you need to Implement to make sure WAF Is protecting my web application 24×7?

  • A. Configure new rules based on now vulnerabilities and mitigations
  • B. Configure Control Rules to send traffic to multiple web servers
  • C. Configure auto scaling policy and it to WAF instance.
  • D. Configure multiple origin servers

Answer: D


Origin Management

An origin is an endpoint (typically an IP address) of the application protected by the WAF. An origin can be an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure load balancer public IP address. A load balancer IP address can be used for high availability to an origin. Multiple origins can be defined, but only a single origin can be active for a WAF. You can set HTTP headers for outbound traffic from the WAF to the origin server. These name value pairs are then available to the application.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a cloud-based, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, global security service that protects applications from malicious and unwanted internet traffic.

WAF can protect any internet facing endpoint, providing consistent rule enforcement across a customer's applications. WAF provides you with the ability to create and manage rules for internet threats including Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection and other OWASP-defined vulnerabilities. Unwanted bots can be mitigated while tactically allowed desirable bots to enter. Access rules can limit based on geography or the signature of the request.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

A DDoS attack is an often intentional attack that consumes an entity's resources, usually using a large number of distributed sources. DDoS can be categorized into either Layer 7 or Layer 3/4 (L3/4) A layer 7 DDoS attack is a DDoS attack that sends HTTP/S traffic to consume resources and hamper a website's ability to delivery content or to harm the owner of the site. The Web Application Firewall (WAF) service can protect layer 7 HTTP-based resources from layer 7 DDoS and other web application attack vectors.


A company has an urgent requirement to migrate 100 TB of data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in two weeks. They have a 100 Mbps Internet line but the connection is intermittent due to problems with their internet provider. In this scenario, what is the most time-efficient mechanism to migrate data to OCI?

  • A. Set up hybrid network by launching a 1 Gbps FastConnect virtual circuit between your data center and OCI. Use OCI Object Storage multipart upload capability to automate the migration of your data to OCI.
  • B. Set up an IPSec VPN tunnel between your data center and OCI. Upload all data to OCI using OCI Storage Gateway.
  • C. Set up an OCI Storage Gateway to connect your data center to your Virtual Cloud Network and upload data.
  • D. Upload data using OCI Object Storage multipart upload capability.
  • E. Use OCI File Storage Service to copy data from your data center to OCI.

Answer: A


There are two compartments: Networks and Devlnstances

There are two groups: NetworkAdmins with a user named Nick, and Devs with a user named Dave The following IAM policies are being used:

*Allow group NetworkAdmins to manage virtual-network-family in compartment Networks

*Allow group NetworkAdmins to manage instance-family in compartment Networks

*Allow group Devs to use virtual-network-family in compartment Networks

*Allow group Devs to manage all-resources in compartment Devlnstances

Nick creates a VCN in Networks compartment. Dave creates a VCN in Devlnstances compartment.

Which of the following statements is INCORRECT?

  • A. Dave launches instances in Devlnstances using the VCN in Networks compartment
  • B. Dave cannot launch new instances in Networks compartment
  • C. Nick launches instances in Networks using VCN in Devlnstances compartment
  • D. Nick cannot launch new instances in Devlnstances compartment

Answer: C